MS Access

Microsoft Access is a great database solution for businesses to manage information. Although there are an abundant amount of off-the-shelf software programs to manage business data, not all businesses have the same needs and processes. In many instances a custom database solution is the best option for your business or unique process. Microsoft Access is a complete database system and one of the fastest ways to develop a database solution including a front end user interface, back end data storage and custom reporting options.

Sometimes many businesses rely on Microsoft Access databases which have been created in-house – often by a previous employee.  Others have databases which were created by a supplier who either no longer exists or with whom they have lost contact.  Or it may just be, now that your database is in use and providing an important resource for your company, you need it to be a changed a little – and you don’t have the expertise to make the changes you really want.

My experience with MS Access goes back to Access 97, and every version there after up to the current release.  MS Access is an excellent rapid development system given that it is a full database and User Interface (UI) development environment all in one

  • Consulting
  • Business Requirements Analysis
  • Database and UI Design
  • Development & Programming
  • Upgrades & Migrations
  • Custom Reporting
  • Admin and User Training
  • User Documentation
  • Integration
  • Backup and Restore Configurations
  • Support