“Our financial services business does £100’s of millions of business every day. This provides a challenging environment for the performance and availability of our computer systems. Iain Brown is just the sort of person you need to help meet that challenge. He worked for us developing and supporting a legacy application for more than a year, while a different team developed a next generation enterprise application to replace it. He was reliable, technically adept, tenacious and unflappable. I would not hesitate to use Iain’s services again if faced with a similar situation, and strongly recommend him.”

George Williams, Head of IT, Greensill Capital (UK) Ltd.

ClamontaCrop“My name is Mark Morgans and I am Symmetry Medical’s International IT Manager. This means I manage all Symmetry Medical EMEA IT locations and have responsibility for all IT systems.

Symmetry Medical did have a site in Nuneaton and was known by the name Clamonta Ltd which we later sold to another company.

We needed someone temporary to start with to help us maintain and develop a very old Access97 orders system which was basically the site ERP system. The plan was that we were going to employ someone temp to help us run the system whilst we implemented a full ERP solution. It was at this point I saw Iain Brown’s CV and met Iain whom we then chose to assist us.

As Iain’s CV suggested he did everything that it said on the tin – Iain walked in from day one and began to help us as we wanted him to. Initially Iain reported back to me items that needed attention, items that needed improvement and items that were going to cause major issues.  As time went on I was completely comfortable and confident in Iain’s ability and therefore did not need Iain to report anything unless it was going to stop production.

Iain’s attention to detail is very good and the speed in which he was able to resolve issues was excellent. As this was old technology the issues that Iain faced were many but he resolved each and every one of them and with prioritisation as the need arose.

The temp requirement came to almost 2 years and I personally thank Iain for his help, his professionalism, his attention to detail and for helping us “keep the lights on”.

I have no issues recommending Iain for any development work and welcome any questions should anyone needs clarity in relation to employing Iain’s services”

Mark Morgans – International IT Manager, Symmetry Medical TECOMET

Rowlatts Hill Primary School“Gone are the days of updating multiple spreadsheets and wasting many man-hours collating information for mangement reports and our SEF. Now all of our assessment and progress data is available for analysis at the click of a button. We can filter and report on data in so many ways and can answer requests within seconds. The software has been so easy to use and even though some basic data can be stored in SIMS, iBits Assessment Tracker offers so much more for managaing your data. All of our teaching staff within the school are now using it with ease”.

Grant Penton – Business Manager, Rowlatts Hill Primary School, Leicester

Access Education Solutions

“With iBits previous experience of the Education sector they were able to fully understand and meet our needs in the development of a Caseload Database. Their ongoing support has been invaluable in the ability to meet the needs of our customers “.

Jayne Bond – Access Education Solutions